Wednesday, dontcha know it I didn’t leave work at 5? My boss is going to Pittsburgh next week and needed a flight booked, so I had to do some travel arrangements before I left. I got home 10 minutes later than normal, and my husband whisked me away for a date. We did the Olive Garden unlimited pasta (aka two bowls for these people), grocery shopping, and I investigated some potential “fun money” purchases- including black ankle boots. Deborah’s fun money budget is still in tact, and on hold. (Also, a word to all women everywhere, don’t go clothes shopping after eating unlimited pasta. That is all. Husbands, don’t let wives go clothes shopping after unlimited pasta unless you want her to cry.) Because of the aforementioned late Tuesday night, this one was ready for bed by 8:30. Sleeping by 9:30. I am still sleepy. Pumpkin bread didn’t happen, our shows didn’t happen, just sleeping.

Thursday, I learned how to do more aspects of my bosses job since he’s taking off next week. (Ahh yes, 3 of the most important people in my work life are going to be on vacation or out of the office next week. I will either be crying tears of boredom or tears of exhaustion and frustration.) During my lunch hour I FINALLY GOT A HAIRCUT. It’s been a year. A whole year, people. Not to even mention it got caught everywhere, was pulled constantly, and the shedding was completely out of control. I had plans to take a before and after but I was so nervous I didn’t think about it… I just marched into Great Clips and sat in that chair, described what I wanted, and many times said “No, shorter! I told you BOLD, CRAZY, I mean it!” Regardless, a lunch break well spent. It is good to take care of me. After I chopped my hair (I cut at least a foot of hair off), I put gas in my car because I wanted to get home without breaking down, and headed back to the office.
The afternoon was super slow… I emailed some people about payment statuses, and counted down the minutes to 5. For dinner, Josh and I had leftover Olive Garden pasta (our waitress was awesome and packed up extra pasta for us without us even asking her to), salad, and garlic bread… I baked pumpkin bread, put away a mountain of clothes, and packed for the weekend. Wednesday I was so down in the dumps about myself and Thursday afternoon it really turned around (haircuts= good)… and then back down again (packing= bad). We fell asleep by 9:30 again. What can I say… we’re tired people.

                                                            wpid-20141107_070632.jpg            wpid-20141107_070639.jpg

Friday, first I used way too much shampoo…. then I washed my hair with my facial wash. I don’t even know how that happened… one second I was lathering it in my hands and the next I slapped it on my head. Great start to the day. Yup.
I may have found a washer and dryer… but we will see. I’m excited about the prospect… I also have about 8 dining tables I’m watching on Craigslist. Obviously we can’t buy them yet, but if they are still available in a few weeks I should have some options.
My bag is all packed to go see the Corneli-Sims (as I call them), and the pumpkin bread is prepared, as requested, with icing on the side. Hopefully I’m leaving work early today! The biggest thing I’m working on right now is getting insurance forms and Christmas party RSVPs from all the guys at work. Since I’m doing time sheets on Monday I might have to use their paycheck as motivation to turn stuff in…


Dear Josh,
Thanks for helping me get dinner together and for helping me pack last night. I’m excited about our trip, but also wish we had a whole day just for sleeping (I think I’m getting old). Most of all, I’m excited to see how God provides things for our new home, and I’m so excited that we’re getting so close to moving (I know it’s a month away but it feels SO close).
THANK YOU for making date night a priority. I know I’ve been a roller coaster of emotions, especially after being sick for so long and feeling so crummy about myself since I haven’t gotten any exercise, and I’m glad you don’t just tell me I’m being ridiculous.
Also, I’m really glad you like my haircut.
Love you, and hopefully I’ll see you before 5 today!!!

Love, Mrs. Cornelissen

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