Crafts, Queso, and Bread

Friday night Josh and I set up for the craft show. We went home, had dinner, and got our Halloween costumes on, and headed over to our friends house. We had a blast, eating chips and salsa, cupcakes, caramel dip, popcorn, etc etc. With Ghostbusters in the background, we laughed hysterically, and played telephone pictionary. Josh and I dressed up as Sheldon Cooper and Amy from The Big Bang Theory. (Josh’s idea. It cost us less than $10- tshirt and tiara.)


Saturday morning, Josh made me a power breakfast of eggs with sausage and a side of bacon and we headed to the craft sale. Honestly, it was disappointing. I didn’t sell as much as I thought I was going to- and I have a lot left over… but every person that walked my by table gushed about how cute everything was. (Josh and I muttered under our breath “Then BUY it. Money is the GREATEST compliment.”) I am choosing to think it was the cold, rainy day that deterred people from coming, and that it will be better next year. Regardless, I have some Christmas presents, I DID have sales, and I have a head start on next year.

 wpid-20141031_181220.jpg          wpid-20141031_181224.jpg         wpid-20141031_181229.jpg

Pictures of my table.
If anyone wants to buy a painting, coaster set, snowglobe, or earring holder let me know!

After the craft sale, well… I sobbed for about an hour because I was so disappointed and upset. Then we did the budget… and went to Walmart to do the grocery shopping/get a few things for the new house. We wrapped it up with a trip to Moe’s (comfort queso) and Parks and Rec. Josh is just the best. He was so encouraging all day, making sales pitches, giving me pep talks, listening to me through my blubbering, and getting emergency queso.

Sunday, we had breakfast together and enjoyed our extra time before church. (I’ve been hearing a lot of anti-daylight savings time comments. I loved going to work AFTER the sunrise this morning.) The afternoon was filled with things I wanted to do. I made salsa, an apple cake for Growth Group, TRIED to make rolls (the most epic failure…. mom’s teaching me over Thanksgiving), and made soup. I really shouldn’t minimize the bread fiasco… it was full of lots of tears and anger. Most of cooking/baking has been pretty easy for me… but bread… BREAD MAKES ME ANGRY. Josh and I finished Alias last week, so we started watching The West Wing. So far we’re really enjoying it– and a little astounded that there aren’t any characters we don’t like yet. (Also we laughed that there are actors from Alias and Parks and Rec in this show… bringing it all together.)

This morning I got to work bright and early (7:30) for a meeting about Insurance. The only positive is that I am leaving early on Friday, OR getting paid overtime.

This weekend was pretty emotional between the craft sale, baking failure, and setting our budget- trying to plan for all the moving expenses…  I am really hoping this week gets better. This week, like most weeks, is full. I’m babysitting tonight, we’re providing dinner for GG on Tuesday, Date night Wednesday, packing on Thursday, and Josh’s family on Friday! Life is busy. I wouldn’t trade anything for life with Josh, but it’s busy.


Dear Josh,
I’m just so glad you’re my guy. Thank you for selling my crafts, and encouraging me all day. Thank you for saying you’re proud of me. Even though things didn’t turn out as I hoped- bread and craft sale- I’m glad I was with you. You make me laugh so hard, and Mondays are extra depressing because I have to spend 50+ hours away from my favorite person. I’m excited to provide dinner for our friends tomorrow and extra excited because it’s your first night leading, Mr Assistant Growth Group leader!
I’m glad we do our budget together, and I’m excited to see things come together for the move.
See you tonight, at the end of this super long cold day (I think my fingers turned into popsicles).

Love, Mrs. Cornelissen

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