Tomorrow’s Sale and Today’s Boredom

Thursday I got majorly and insanely bored out of my mind at work. Of course that meant I was put on cleaning duty… yippee. (That took me all of 30 minutes.) It was one of those “why am I here and what am I doing with my life” moments. I know I’m getting paid- regardless- but I hate being trapped at my desk with nothing to do.

Our friends brought us dinner, which was a great blessing. Although I am feeling better, life is not back to normal. I feel so behind- between going back to work this week and all the work for the craft sale, I’m pretty wiped. My sweet husband patiently let me create a mock-up of my display for Saturday’s sale… we finished off Alias (I’ll miss you, Sydney Bristow)… and made salsa for the Halloween party tonight (it’s really good you guys… the fact that we didn’t eat it all means we love you).

Tonight we’re going to set up my sale table, eat dinner, get dressed in our costumes, and go hang out with friends. Tomorrow, I’ll be a nervous wreck and be shocked to my socks if/when people want to buy my stuff. After the sale we’re making soup and hanging out. It will be SO nice to have this sale behind us, even though I had fun being creative. I’m looking forward to reclaiming our house (the laundry and such have gotten a little out of hand), making November’s budget, and working on dinner for Growth Group. I’m looking forward to some normal-life this weekend.

It is Halloween, which I am not a huge fan of because I hate all things scary, and a lot of people are into it. There are two separate offices in our work building our office and an insurance agency. The ladies in that office are so sweet- and dressed up for Halloween. One lady dressed up as Mr/Mrs Potato Head and the other lady is the rag doll from The Nightmare Before Christmas. It’s fun to see people having fun.

Well. That’s about it. I feel like it’s too early to start packing up everything, but we’re gone most of the weekends in November… so… I just don’t even know. I might pack up my books, just so I feel like I’m doing SOMETHING- other than making lists of things we need for the new place/things we need to update.


Dear Josh,

Thank you for helping me with the craft sale. I’m glad you’re coming with me, and I’m glad you didn’t let me quit. Tonight is going to be fun- basically your costume idea is brilliant. Please let me do a little packing… but don’t let me pack the pots and pans yet (I might try).

Love, Mrs. Cornelissen

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