Concerning Consistency

Something hit me at work, as I payed bills, answered the phones, caught up on emails, processed the mail, made the deposit, and emailed people about overdue invoices. It is this: my job isn’t exciting. I am not a good employee because I knock the ball out of the park everyday, but because I’m consistent. I’ve been overwhelmed by the sea of things undone because I haven’t been here doing the little things I do every day. (Something that actually happened in my absence: the flowers got watered. I’m not very good at remembering to do that. They call me the flower killer.)

Without me we’d run out of paper, toilet paper, paper towels, stamps, coffee, highlighters, pens. business cards, dividers and folders (to begin the list). Our business and alarm system licenses would be expired. No one would renew their vehicle registration. The water, electricity, phone and internet would be shut off. The garbage wouldn’t get picked up. We would probably never get paid by our customers.

The little things I do matter… and this isn’t to brag about how important I am to the company, but my recognition that my success is directly correlated to my consistency.

Isn’t this true in every area of life? Grocery lists, laundry, telling our family we love them…

What about reading the Bible, hiding it in our hearts, and spending time in prayer?

I realize that I feel like every time spent doing devotions should be full of mechanical layouts, cross references, and epiphanies. But it’s about consistency, isn’t it? This is a place I’d like to grow. It’s so easy to be consistent when you’re getting paid… the other areas require a little more discipline.


Our lease is signed! We met our landlord last night and she is just so sweet. It was good to talk to her— she has confidence in us as tenants, and we have confidence in her as the landlord. We move in less than 45 days. I’m collecting boxes from work, and trying to keep myself from packing all my things right NOW. 🙂 (I already packed my summer clothes- and what do you know, it’s 80 degrees again.)

Things we need for the new house:

  • Dining table- we want 6 chairs because we LOVE having people over for dinner!
  • Washer and dryer (dryer has to be a 3 prong plug)
  • Dresser
  • Office chair
  • Dashboard pizza oven (for long road trips) and Soft-serve ice cream machine (Josh added these…)

The “It Would Be Nice” List:

  • Patio Furniture (we have a big back deck and a small front porch)

We can move them in December 1st, and we’ll be moving into the new home around the 13th. Please pray that God provides the things we need!!

Josh has a Hebrew exam tomorrow, so our date night is being postponed until Thursday night (which I’m sure will be full of last-minute sale prep, breakfast casserole, and Parks and Rec). I’m working hard to finish up my earring holders for the craft sale– and I’m really excited but totally nervous. I told Josh that I’ve never even sold lemonade, so the thought of selling things I’ve made kind of freaks me out! (Although I was pretty good at selling Delia’s jeans… not even gonna lie. They called me the denim diva. That job made me feel like an airhead… especially when I was “promoted” to Fashionista.)

I priced everything the other night, and I’m glad Josh is going to be sticking with me during the whole sale. All that’s left to prepare is making signs with the prices, completing 5 more earring holders, and going to the bank to get change. This Saturday kicks off a crazy busy month, but getting to see so many people we love (Josh’s family, Elise, and my family). Actually it pretty much kicks off insanity through the end of the year, since nothing is calming down in December! (God, please make December 13th a beautiful AND NOT SNOWY day. Amen.)

I’m thankful I’m feeling better. I’m back at work, I’m excited about what’s happening in our life, and I am especially excited about the craft sale- a double blessing since I am getting paid to make things. I was worried that mono would totally mess up my production for the sale, but I believe I was sick for longer than I realized before I got my sore throat. I feel better than I have in WEEKS.


Dear Josh,

I’m looking forward to our date night, craft sale, and moving adventure! Mostly, I’m really excited about all the ways we will use our home for hospitality. I can’t wait to have friends over for movie nights, game nights (THAT WE CAN PLAY ON A REAL TABLE), meals (THAT WE CAN EAT ON A REAL TABLE), and weekend visits.

One of my favorite moments this week was when we were watching “Love it or List it” and the guy said he thinks kids need their own bedrooms and we both wrinkled up our faces, shook our heads and looked at each other…. and laughed because we had the exact same expression and reaction. Obviously we’re on the same page.

I’m looking forward to having dinner together and spending a little time before you study.

Love, Mrs. Cornelissen

One thought on “Concerning Consistency

  1. You are growing into a wonderful “Mrs. Cornelissen.” And I agree. Consistency. Hard to do but so important. Love you, Deborah! And miss you.

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