At this point, I am quite behind on my blogging. I have a great excuse though– mono. Nevertheless, a lot has happened in the past week so I’ll catch you up.

Friday, 17th. Friday, was a long and hard day at work. I gave it all I had, but I felt like crap. After a long day, I came home to my sweet husband my sister in law Kaity! Those two dears went straight to Walmart with me to get some more cough drops and things from my “sicko” list. We had leftover lasagna, played Cacassone, and enjoyed being together.

Saturday, 18th. We took the morning really easy… I had a really hard time sleeping, and Saturday I hit a wall of exhaustion. We made breakfast, played games, showed Kaity what we hoped our new place, and then we went to Raleighwood to see Malificent! The movie was sooo good… but Kaity and I were a little rusty on our Sleeping Beauty. (Actually- I don’t think Kaity had ever seen it!) So when we got home, Josh did some dishes and Kaity and I watched Sleeping Beauty. We had planned to do Steak and Shake for dinner, but the movie got out at 4:30 and I didn’t feel good… so changed that plan. We ended up getting Chinese food for dinner, which we never do, and hung out. The night was long and miserable. I woke Josh up, crying, because I was in so much pain and SO tired. In that moment- I’m sure Josh felt helpless and I felt like I would be sick forever- we got some awesome news. Our application for the townhome was approved! It was SO comforting, and it felt like God was saying “See? I’m taking care of you.”

Sunday, 19th. Sunday was the worst day, health-wise, of the entire mono saga. My throat, lymph nodes, and tonsils were so sore and swollen that I could barely open my mouth, and could barely swallow. It hurt to talk, but that didn’t matter because my voice was gone anyway! I don’t even want to write about this day… so let’s say it was miserable… there was lots of crying… and Josh and Kaity are saints. Also, I bought some spray for my throat that numbs… and I was terrified to try it because it’s cherry flavor. BLEEEECK. So, in an act of solidarity, Josh tried it too. I almost died laughing from the way he reacted to it numbed his tongue! (I tried it and it didn’t taste that bad… but I sprayed my tongue too.)

Monday, 20th. I stayed home. All day. And did nothing but watch Netflix. I felt like a bum. It still hurt to talk so I wrote everything out to Josh. BUT I had gotten sleep. Blessed sleep. And I napped a lot of the day. Also I watched Cupcake Wars and might have cried because I wanted to eat a cupcake but I was too tired to make them, and still too swollen to eat them. Agh.

Tuesday, 21st. I stayed home again and spent another day watching Netflix. I felt so much better, night and day from Sunday, that I went to growth group and EVEN ATE REAL FOOD THAT WAS NOT PRIMARILY A LIQUID. Seems like nothing, but it had been over a week since that was really possible.

Also, I think it’s worth stating that one of the biggest issues was that not only did it hurt to eat, but I didn’t WANT to eat. I had no appetite, and had to make myself eat. Tuesday was the first time in 2 weeks that I even wanted to eat. Big big big step.

Wednesday, 22nd. I went back to work for a half day, arriving for the staff meeting, and got teased my all my co-workers (all guys) for having mono. I definitely wanted to run away when I saw my desk covered in paper, my phone flashing with voicemails, and my email inbox overflowing. Regardless, I left by 12:30 and was home- back on the couch- by 1. I was SO thankful I decided to do a half day.

Thursday, 23rd. I did the morning at work and spent the afternoon crafting/sitting on the couch. I signed up as a vendor for the SEBTS craft sale on November 1st, if you forgot… before I got mono. That seriously cramped my crafting style for 2-3 weeks, so I had to really bring it this week. Our friends brought us dinner, which was a huuuge blessing.

Friday, 24th. I did the morning at work and had a lunch date with my love at Olive Garden. Those are a rare occurrence, so we seized the opportunity! I spend the afternoon crafting/watching Netflix as per usual.

Saturday, 25th. crafting. Crafting. Crafting. Everything is almost ready for the craft sale… and I feel really good about it.

Sunday, 26th. I did more for the craft sale… Josh and I planned our Halloween costume… and we talked to our landlord! Also, under my obsessive watch guiding help my husband made a batch of soup to take to work!

Monday, 27th. Today is first full day back at work in 2 weeks. I feel SO much better. I’m so thankful that I have a job where I am missed in my absence, but they also care about me as a person… and that I knew they’d understand I needed time to rest and get better. Tonight Josh and I are going to spend some time doing homework/crafts, and go meet our landlord! WE GOT THE PLACE- so we’re meeting tonight to sign the lease and make our housing deposit. I don’t think I could be more relieved or excited. I had in my mind that I would have this big blog post about it, but life is busy.

The Cornelissen’s home, come December!


Dear Josh,
Mono stunk. What didn’t stink is the stellar care you gave me. Thank you SO much for all you did… the grocery shopping, the hand holding, the bumming around with me, the water fetching, the tear drying, the encouraging, the silliness to make me laugh, sitting up in the middle of the night with me, making me gargle with salt water, peeling me away from webmd, and taking care of all the housing stuff in the midst of it all. I’m so glad you’re with me through it all- craft sales, sickness, moving… it’s only making our relationship stronger, and I’m thankful.
Also, I’m super excited about our plan when we move in…. 1. Decorate for Christmas 2. Put in Christmas movie 3. Start fire 4. Watch movie with dip, popcorn, hot chocolate. Looking forward to spending another Christmas with you, hanging our stockings on our mantle, and making a new place feel like home.

Can’t wait to come home to you at the end of this super long day. It feels like the 2nd day of school- when the initial excitement is gone and the classes seem to last forever.

Love, Mrs. Cornelissen

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