This week has been a little foggy. Mostly because I’ve been on sinus and allergy medicine. Last night I dreamed I was Sydney Bristow. It was pretty awesome until I had to smash someone’s face in with a frying pan (I think I was also thinking about Tangled last night).


Despite being sick, I managed to create a painting, and make 7 sets of coasters for the upcoming craft sale.


Wednesday, Josh and I enjoyed a night with our friends. Josh and the guys went out and celebrated one of the guys birthdays at this giant trampoline place (I don’t even know… but Josh has been sore ever since) and I went out for Mexican food with the girls. One of the things I will miss, when we move in December, is being within walking distance of downtown Wake Forest. It’s just adorable, and I love walking through campus. Now I’m getting sad thinking about moving…


Last night we went to Walmart to get the weeks necessities, and some craft supplies. We also got Chick-fil-a milkshakes to celebrate the fact that Josh got a raise! 🙂  We are so thankful for the jobs God has given us. He has provided for us in every way, but especially financially.


This weekend, I’m looking forward to rest. We don’t have any big plans (except another guys/girls night tomorrow night), we did the cooking and shopping last night, and we’re not setting an alarm tomorrow morning.


It’s been a long week of not feeling good, and not spending a ton of time with Josh… so I’m excited about spending time with him. And doing things I want to do, not just things I HAVE to do (like going to work).


This is also my mom’s birthday! If I say too much I’ll cry because I miss her… but I am so thankful for her and the example she has been for me. I hope to become as loving of a wife, as joyful a mother, and as good a friend as she is. Not even to mention that I hope to know, love, and serve the Lord as faithfully as she does. My mom is just the bomb. Happy Birthday, Mom. I’m glad you’re a superhero so you’re going to live forever.

Just look at that mom, being the best mom. Even though she’s reading the same Nursery Rhyme book for the millionth time and holding a wiggle worm.

Dear Josh,

I started worrying about moving today. Instead, I stopped and thanked God for all the ways He has provided and proven Himself faithful since we’ve gotten married.

Tonight I might be cutting out a hedgehog for Elise’s pillow. I might be painting a canvas. But I want to be sitting right next to you on our big comfy couch.

I hope this day goes by fast.

Love, Mrs. Cornelissen

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