Budgets, Burlap, and Bookin’ it to Columbia

Some people dread doing their monthly budgets… I do not. In fact, I enjoy it. I do not usually feel constricted, rather, knowing the exact parameters for my spending is a breath of fresh air for me. A new budget says “here are the new boundaries, now enjoy yourself within them!”


Josh and I are working to save for the move and things for the new apartment (washer/dryer, dining table)… putting money back in savings from buying the car… and chipping away on Josh’s student loans. A lot going on. Basically, a lot of reasons to feel like we can never do anything fun or spend anything on ourselves. Thankfully we balance each other out. (And use Groupon like crazy. This month we have 2 movie dates, a pub date, a free pizza, and a meal at Olive Garden that have already been paid for.)


This month, a portion of our monthly budget was allocated toward supplies for the upcoming craft sale! I have changed my mind several times, but now that I’ve submitted my application there’s no going back. I’ve already bought the majority of my materials and spent half the amount I thought it was going to cost. Yesterday I bought $50 worth of canvases for $20. BOOM. (Thank you Michael’s coupons and sales!) I just need a couple of evenings at home! I’m pretty insecure that people won’t want to buy the things I’m making (earring holders, coasters, paintings, Christmas snow globes), but all my profit is going towards those loans! Wednesday night (date night) we made October’s budget, and went shopping for craft supplies… and got ice cream.


Yesterday (Thursday) and today the office has been a-buzz with work. My favorite days are ones where I have envelopes to stuff and checks to cut. I love paying bills at work. (I know that’s so weird. It’s a good thing I have the job I have. I’m one in a million.)


Today Josh is meeting me after work and we’re headed to Columbia! I AM SO EXCITED TO SEE MY FAMILY!!!!! My parents have become friends, and my siblings less annoying (just kidding, we’re just more tolerant now). I just miss my family so much when I’m not with them. I’m excited to be in my old home, to wake up and have coffee with my mom, to stay up too late laughing hysterically, and snuggle with this one….

ZOEY! Picture taken by my talented sister, Amy. Shamelessly stolen from Facebook.
Picture taken by my talented sister, Amy.
Shamelessly stolen from Facebook.


But most importantly it means a road trip with my very favorite man. We are going to get Chick-fil-a for dinner and listen to more WOW! hits, and probably give in to the power of the Frosty Waffle Cone (let’s be honest).


We don’t know what the weekend holds, but we know it’s going to fun… and we’re going to be exhausted on Monday. Watch out family, we’re coming for you!


Dear Josh,

I think one of the greatest ways we’ve grown over the last nine months is in creating our monthly budget. We’ve learned by trial and error. Thank you for working hard to communicate the numbers clearly to me, and being patient when I get frustrated with myself. You always say I’m your priority, and I appreciate you showing me that with the way you’ve been “all in” with the craft sale. I’m so thankful I have a husband who thinks I’m creative and not only appreciates it, but goes to Walmart to compare bumpers, cork circles and felt feet for coasters! I’m so glad you are going to sit next to me during the whole craft show, our road trips, and life.

Work is seriously dragging today. Come get me soon.

Love, Mrs. Cornelissen

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