Better with Buttercream

Wednesday night I straightened up the house, baked 3 loaves of Pumpkin bread, enjoyed a delicious dinner of chicken alfredo lasagna and garlic bread, and watched Alias. (We have one season left!!!) I feel like everyone needs this recipe… so click on the picture below!

Click on picture to see recipe!

The sudden change in weather has left my body confused and I am fighting a cold. Or maybe the cold has won, and I am finally admitting I’m sick. Not sure. I am sure that I feel like being home- not sitting at my desk, surrounded my people, answering the phones and doing work.

This week is preview week at the school, and the housing department usually asks people in our building if we’ll do an open-house, so people can view an apartment (our building is usually full). It knocks $20 off our rent for the month, and I get a clean house. 🙂 Win-win situation! We did that last night, and then made some icing for the pumpkin bread. Yes, the bread is good without it… but it is heavenly with a pumpkin buttercream icing! Amongst all that craziness, I packed for the weekend! We’re headed to Virginia Beach to spend the weekend with Josh’s family. After 3 years, I am FINALLY going to a show my sister-in-law is in.

In other news, SEBTS is having a craft and bake sale in November, and I think I am going to be a vendor. Do I have anything for it yet? Not really. Do I feel confident? Not in the slightest. I don’t even feel like people would pay for the things I make… but I’m going to give it a whirl. At the very least, I’ll have fun making things. (And I will be doubting myself about 26,485,611 times a day.)

Not much to say today. The email for the entire company was down yesterday and there’s a LOT going on today (well, for everyone but me… I caught up on all 5 emails. Whoopie!). Here’s hoping for a weekend of rest.


Dear Josh,

Thanks for all the help you are at home. I don’t know what I would do if you weren’t willing to sweep the floors, wash the dishes, and do the laundry while I’m at work or sleeping. (And I am really really glad you like to hang out with me while I’m baking.)

I’m also really glad you’re driving tonight because I’m beat.

Love, Mrs. Cornelissen

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