Piccata, Ricotta, Frittata*

Happy Friday! I am looking forward to a weekend… it has been a long and lonely week.

Wednesday night was a homework night for Josh. I binge-watched Netflix and worked on a project.

Thursday at work, I started the day with nothing to do. Got a nasty call from some lady that was behind one of our guys GOING THE SPEED LIMIT and started yelling at me about how unsafe he was… going 2 miles an hour. I transferred her to our operations manager who stifled hysterical laughter. Basically, lady had road rage, was late for something and decided to blame OUR guy… whatever.
After lunch on Thursday, I was swamped. Suddenly everyone had something for me to do. 2-5 was a blur of insanity… processing invoices, scheduling inspections, answering emails, making phone calls to potential customers…

I was so happy to get home. Date night was finally here! Josh and I went to La Foresta, a local Italian Restaurant in Downtown Wake Forest. Basically, it’s a much more expensive date than our norm, but Josh wanted to take me on a special date. (And we had $10 off- thanks to restaurant.com!) He got spinach ravioli in a glorious alfredo sauce (kinda wish I had gotten it too), and I got chicken piccata… a dream.

I am not going to lie…. I fought Josh on going out to have a nice dinner. I have been hyper budget conscious, almost to a fault, sometimes. I really am thankful that we work as a team to keep a tight budget, and that Josh also brings balance and makes it a priority to give me a break and demonstrate his love for me by taking me out for the occasional extra-nice dinner (or running shoes so we can exercise together).

We walked out of La Foresta and I suggested going to Dairy Queen for the buy one get one free blizzard Josh got for his birthday. The look he gave me was a combination of “Oh my gosh are you serious?!”, “that is BRILLIANT”, and “I KNEW I was supposed to marry you.”

Well… turns out that expired. So we went home and ate the ice cream that we already had, which is fine because it’s acceptable to snuggle on our couch. I don’t think they would appreciate us snuggling in Dairy Queen.

This Friday is pretty quiet so far. The most obnoxious thing is a gnat that keeps landing on my face and I am swatting around like an idiot trying to kill it.

It’s mid-September so we’re entering serious future home-hunting season. I am constantly looking on CraigsList for new postings… and so far I have one I reaaaally like… but we’ll see. We emailed a couple of people today, and are also filling out an apartment application this weekend. And, in classic team Cornfield** fashion, we have a savings plan so we can pay the deposit, for a moving truck, and for things like a washer/dryer, table and chairs (oh glorious thought!), etc. We don’t fool around.

Besides filling out a riveting apartment application, we have plans to go to the yard sale that SEBTS hosts, to do some shoe shopping (UGH but my at least my blister is gone), to make some lazy lasagna (me), and some relaxing (and maybe I’ll put away that laundry basket of clothes I keep digging through).


As for the random (this needs to be a permanent section because not everything fits into these pretty little boxes):

  • I bought 2 pairs of American Eagle Jeans… for about $20 each. (That is half price, people). So far (judging on all 4 hours I have worn them) I LOVE THEM. Money well spent and money well saved, Deborah. And American Eagle, thanks for paying attention to the short people. Your “short” size is just perfect.
  • The weirdest dream I had this week was about a house. It was the PERFECT house. (light and airy kitchen, hardwood floors through most of the house, 2 bathrooms one downstairs and one downstairs, a living room and bedroom downstairs along with the dining room and kitchen… a big beautiful wooden staircase upstairs, leading only to the master bedroom, with big beautiful windows and a master bathroom. Le sigh. I have a great imagination.) But… some rooms had carpet. And as I was saying “Josh, I want to live here!” the owners family arrived, with all their dogs. And then I cried because I knew we couldn’t move into the house, because if I did my dad wouldn’t be able to visit me. (My dad is pretty much deathly allergic to dogs.)
  • How hard is it REALLY to make a headboard?
  • Why do I think a headboard is so essential?
  • How early is too early to switch to flannel sheets?
  • How can I clean out my freezer so I have enough room for freezer meals? Vicious cycle.



I am so excited that we have “officially” started the new home search. I am also particularly thankful for the way you balance me out. I tend to go a little crazy with things, and you try to be the voice of reason and sanity. (I’m sorry for the times when I overreact because I think you’re a dream crusher.)

Thanks for taking me out to a fancy dinner last night and making me order what I really wanted…. and then snuggling and watching Alias like I wanted.

I am SO glad the weekend is almost here. I can’t wait for all the snuggling and the adventures- this weekend and beyond. You’re my favorite. Thanks for making a priority with your time, and with the money you make by helping our neighbor. Sometimes I feel like a spoiled brat when you spend money on me, but I should be feeling like a cherished wife. Thank you for cherishing me.

Love, Mrs. Cornelissen



*The only thing I hate about having a blog is coming up with blog titles. Hence, the senseless rhyming. You will notice Piccata is the only thing actually mentioned in this post.

**Cornfield is a term we coined during our engagement. Corn- from Cornelissen, and field- from my maiden name, Crutchfield.

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