Weekend Victories

I am taking a sanity break at work. Today has been insane. I’m dealing with a lot of conflict, which I hate, and they really chewed me out last week. If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s being yelled at. It is completely unnecessary. So, I am taking a sanity break to remind myself why I am here. WHY I am working this job. It’s for my family.

(Disclaimer: the people I work with did not chew me out. Vendors and Customers. I love the people I work with and they are SO nice to me.)

This weekend was great, so let’s talk about that instead, ok?



I got home after a crazy day, and wanted to do something exciting. You know what I came up with? Going to Walmart to buy Josh something he needed, to look for a chair cover for my desk chair, and to get RedBox movies. Great plan. 6 RedBoxes, and 2.5 hours later, we got home and ate dinner. (At 8:30.) Maybe we should have eaten and then gone shopping. Maybe we had a completely irrational fight in the middle of Lowes Foods. But we got over it and had a wonderful night with leftover spaghetti and The Muppets 2.


We made a huge breakfast of Pancakes (plain, blueberry, and chocolate), hash browns (Josh learned that you shouldn’t put that much oil into a pan on high… I cried because I thought he burned himself), and sausage. Seriously my blueberry pancakes… I’d pay money for them. In the afternoon, Josh went to the library and did homework all afternoon while I planted myself on the couch and watched a mwpid-img_20140811_174649.jpgovie and worked on a project.

A little while ago, I found the most beautiful desk at a garage sale, but didn’t want  to spend the money on it. Josh- sneaky man- bought it for me and surprised me. He put our desks next to each other, because that’s where the desk fit, but I wanted to put it in our bedroom. Usually if Josh is watching football or doing homework, I want to be in a separate room so I can do my own thing. Well… having a desk, “my own space” didn’t really work being in between HIS desk and the TV. So Josh got home and I suggested moving around the furniture. We made it work- and now I have my own space and he has a big bookshelf by his desk. Everyone is happy.

We had a gourmet dinner of frozen pizza… and spent the evening with friends eating apple pie and playing games.



Sunday morning we ate leftover pancakes and went to church. We’re starting a new series, on evangelism, and it’s really challenging. Maybe I’ll write more on it later.

We had another gourmet dinner… mac and cheese… and spent a couple of hours in our respective “spaces.” Josh watched football- it was a great day of victory… the Redskins AND the Browns won!- and I worked on a craft for my kitchen. There is a super ugly breaker box in our kitchen, and I’ve been wanting to cover it up… and concluded I didn’t have money to spend on such a project. THEN I found a frame in my craft stuff that is exactly the right size… and used my time, thank you football, and craft station, thank you Josh, to create this beauty. I’m pretty happy with it (even though my writing is off-center).wpid-20140914_163912.jpg

Before we left for church, I got that pot roast… well… roasting. I don’t know why I was scared. It was delicious. No one got sick. No one hated it. It was perfect. And we’re eating leftovers tonight. I thought about putting a picture of it here but let’s be honest it doesn’t look as good as it was. So I will refrain.

We had a little bit of an Alias marathon and then folded and put away our laundry (all credit goes to Josh for this one… I voted for staying on the couch, even for sleeping there since I was so tired).



I love weekends with you. They are so refreshing, and I am so thankful we get to have fun together. Thanks for surprising me with the most awesome desk, and for helping me create a space for me. I love being with you, but I also love doing my crafts and having me time. And thanks for making us put away our clean clothes. Basically, thanks for loving me and all my craziness. I’m glad we’re a team, and that we have so much fun together. Thank you for being all my happy thoughts during this frustrating day.

Love, Mrs. Cornelissen

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