Breathe Deep

Have you ever been drained? I mean so emotionally and physically drained that you don’t want to do ANYTHING? That’s where I was a couple of weeks ago.

Rewind. Let me give a brief timeline of the last few months.

December 2013– I graduated college, got married and moved to Wake Forest (in 8 days).
January 2014-March 2014– I was desperately searching for a job… and couldn’t find one.
March 2014-May 2014– I was briefly employed, and the situation was so horrible I cannot say anything nice. Let’s just say I was emotionally destroyed, sobbed my heart out every single day, and I believe I was extremely depressed.
May 2014– Within a week of quitting the most horrible job ever, God practically GAVE me the job I needed. However, said job required cleaning up a LOT of messes from the people before me.
June 2014– Realizing just how much time working full time takes. Exhausting.
July 2014- My Buick was hit by a deer. Enter: stress.
August 2014- I am exhausted, and have allowed myself to become almost consumed with paying off our debt from Josh’s schooling. I was consumed with the budget to the point that I’ve needed a haircut for AT LEAST 4 months, and always put it off.  Most of August, I felt crushed by the strict budget that I had constructed, and frustrated that I gave away every chance to spend money on myself.

Thankfully, I am not by myself or I would drive myself into the ground. I have been going non-stop, and I am tired. I’m so thankful for a husband that has the wisdom to tell me to STOP and rest.

Back in May (right after I quit the job and didn’t have the new job yet), Josh and I planned a trip to the mountains for Labor Day weekend with our tax return (which may sound terribly irresponsible, but was actually very liberating). The trip was timed PERFECTLY. I needed to get away. I needed to have fun. And I desperately needed some un-interupted time with my husband. (And my sweet husband forced me to spend money on myself for September. I bought new jeans and a couple new shirts and I am so excited. ALSO I am finally getting my hair cut… as soon as I actually make myself go.)

Saturday morning, Josh and I packed up and made our way (slowly) to the mountains. We stayed in a sleepy little town called Banner Elk, in a B&B. Seriously this place was adorable. Our room wasn’t fancy, but it was glorious. We decided to spend the weekend without electronics, and turned off the data on our cell phones. We didn’t turn on the TV. We talked, dreamed together, and laughed SO hard. (And I kicked his butt in almost every single board game we played.) Also, we wanted to bring our own food, but didn’t have a fridge in our room, so we invested in a cooler. We were extremely pleased with our purchase, and it kept our food cold for 3 whole days!

Washing our grapes in the sink. Our room (so tiny!). Our vacation meals. Playing board games.

Sunday we went hiking. The hike was long and difficult, even excruciatingly painful at times (I still have blisters healing, a week later), but at the end we were rewarded with a breathtaking and majestic waterfall. We sat there, at the base of the falls, eating our lunch and in awe of the one who created it.
When we got back to our room I took a bath (we don’t have a bathtub in our teeny apartment, so this is a big deal)!!!
Relax. Breathe deep.

Linville Falls. The drain we joked about being Linville Falls. At the falls, and post-falls hike. 🙂

Monday, we drove part of the Blue Ridge Parkway on our way home. We took our time, and drank in the beauty. We stopped at almost every overlook… we even took a spontaneous little hike! It rained on Saturday night, and the woods smelled so fresh. I couldn’t stop taking deep breaths of the air- it smelled so strongly of moss and dirt.

From our spontaneous hike. Soaking in nature.
Parkway adventures. Grandfather Mnt is the moutain the highway hugs.


I don’t know if I can express how refreshing our “first family vacation” was. The best way to describe it was a refreshing breath of air. I felt renewed, rested, and encouraged.


Thank you for taking care of me. I am so thankful that you left all your homework at HOME, and were so intentional about spending quality time with me. You are my favorite and I will never get sick of going on adventures with you! I love the way you thanked God for His creation and for the time we got to spend together, and turned our eyes to Jesus while we sat under that magnificent waterfall.
And… thank you for driving. (Even when all those people “that stuffed themselves with burgers and carbs all weekend, chugged beer, and found themselves racing home in a cloud of rage” almost hit us and made you slam on the breaks, and me scream.)
I will even forgive you for stealing ALL the covers.
And sleeping on my pillow, practically forcing me off the bed.
It meant so much to me that you were willing to stop and go jean shopping on our way to the mountains. Thank you for making what I wanted important, and for altering the plan.
I’m so glad I’m your wife.

Love, Mrs. Cornelissen

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