Disney Event

Last night was the Disney Extravaganza, put on by Senate. I helped set up, but you took point on the food. I also dictated our costume, and it was AWESOME. The evening was really fun, though we didn’t spend much of it together… since you were running the event. Regardless, it was fun. Everyone had a really good time, and I was proud of be by your side. AND proud to be a couple costume! First time ever!!! I was so excited that it came together and it was fun to see people go “Awww! You guys are perfect!”

carl & ellie

I made the book, our nametags and the sign for our jar! Phil & Elise got your sweater vest, I got my dress at Goodwill, and the whole outfit cost us a whopping 10 bucks. We’re the bomb.

carl & ellie2

Seriously. Look at us. We are too cute.

carl & ellie3

Let’s have a love story like Carl & Ellie.
Adventure is out there!
231 days until I’m your Mrs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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