The Hobbit, Christmas Parting, ONE YEAR!!!!!!!!!

The week after finals was pretty hit and miss. We both worked a lot… we hung out on Tuesday, made lunch together and had dinner and watched some How I Met Your Mother. I made a Blueberry Breakfast Cake— it was SO good and I will definitely be making it again. At dinner, we talked about our favorite Christmas traditions and decided what we want Christmas to look like with OUR family. We’re going to rotate families for Thanksgiving & Christmas while it’s just us– but when we have kids we’re going to be home for Christmas. I loved talking with you about our future and our kids. It is so scary to me, but there is no one else I would rather have a family and raise children with. You are going to be such an awesome father.

Thursday, you left for Virginia to spend Christmas with your family. BUT before you left, we went and saw The Hobbit! It was so much fun!!! And we had lunch at Chickfila and then went to the library downtown. I was mad because you got The Dark Knight Rises to watch at home with your family… I got you a box set of the Batman trilogy for Christmas. I hope you love it. Before you left, you covered me in kisses. I love your kisses.

After you left, I was pretty bummed… so I watched a movie and searched Pinterest. I designed possible layouts for our bedroom next year, and pinned recipes for making my own dish & laundry detergent, and tons of decoration and cleaning tips. I am so excited about making a home with you.

I like these pieces. My Starry Night painting over the bed... love these curtains... and love the bed spread... but I would paint the night stands.
I like these pieces. My Starry Night painting over the bed… love these curtains… and love the bed spread… but I would paint the night stands. I like the idea of using as much stuff as we can that we already have– and thrifting to find the rest.
Option 1!
Option 1!
Option 2!
Option 2! I think I like this one more… but we’ll see!


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