Winter Formal

Tonight we got dressed up and went to Winter Formal.
Actually, first you picked me up at Memorial Lobby with beautiful purple flowers (second time you’ve ever given me flowers!)… and then we went to the Capital building to meet some people (that never showed) to take pictures. The tree wasn’t lit yet either, so that was a bit of a bummer.

Instead, we sat at the capital building and talked about real life… classes you’re planning on taking next semester… and you gave me my anniversary gift! GORGEOUS earrings.

Not lit yet. :(
Not lit yet. 😦
We still had fun!
We still had fun!


Anniversary earrings!
Anniversary earrings!

But formal was fun. The food wasn’t great, but it was fun being there. I love walking around on your arm, and you make me feel like the most gorgeous woman on the planet. We took some cute pictures in a photobooth (you kissed me on the cheek, *gasp!*)… had some sub par food, and highly enjoed each other’s company.On the ride home (at 9:30, after we left early because everyone was dancing and we didn’t want to), we pretended to be old people and had a whole dialoge. I fondly deemed you “Harold.” I think you’re the best. I have SO much fun with you, my dearest! 

DANG, check out my hott date!
DANG, check out my hott date!

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