Today we got up and drove to Wake Forest, NC at 6:30 in the morning. Crazy. Josh, I was SO tired and honestly started the day with quite the crabby attitude.
We got a tour of the school, had lunch with some professors, and talked with an admissions counselor. It gave a lot of clarity, the campus is gorgeous, and then we looked at the on-campus or near-campus (university) housing. They have some apartments that are “private” apartments, and I can join you in December 2013 when we get married! We went around looking at all the apartments, making pro-con lists (which I loved), and I dreamed of our distant life together, married, as we embark on marriage and our future together. Southeastern was so impressive. And I really enjoyed spending the day with my sweetheart, talking about different M-DIV programs, looking at apartments, and exploring the campus we might live on!
At one point, I was talking about how I would decorate and how everything will go together… and you were like “whaaat?” and I was like “I am nesting!” and you called me your little blue bird. THAT was pretty precious.
I think about the whole day, and I just beam with joy.
Today we had a lot of good conversations… including me voicing my natural tendency, to have fear that we won’t make it. That we won’t be able to afford everything. And that’s because, based on what I make, we can’t. BUT I’m not doing this alone! You are marrying me— therefore you are committing to providing and caring for me. And I trust you to do that. But I also needed you to wrap me up in your arms, and look into my eyes, and tell me that. And you did. I have such peace. We found an apartment on campus (right next to the library!) that seems perfect and looks like it will meet all our needs. I am blown away, today, by the way that God provides. I am looking forward to being your wife, and I am so blessed by the way you love and care for me.

After-the-fact Facebook conversation:
Deborah: “Thanks dear! I am SO happy about today. I was telling Christi about it and could not stop smiling. It was such a blessing, and gave me so much peace, to talk through things and look at places to live… and to spend TIME with you. Thank you.”

Josh: “I loved yesterday, smuk. It was so exciting to SEE what the next step would look like, and to be able to talk and plan and look with you there made it so much better, not only because I enjoy your company but because it meant we were on the same page about the future. It was wonderful. I can’t tell you how excited I am to live in North Carolina with you.
I also appreciated how you cared and gave inout on my track/program/classes. The fact that you care enough about that makes me incredibly happy. I guess it means you like me or something.
Finally, I am glad it gave you peace. Anything that I can do to show you that I will always provide for you, I’ll do it. In a heartbeat. You’re under my wing, bluebird, forever.”


Future Home?
Future Home?

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