Tonight we had a date. It was quite simple. We went to Chick-fil-a… had some disagreements and some intense conversations… watched some episodes of Friends in my dorm room… and when you left, I was so stoked that you’re mine. Pretty crazy about you. We have grown so much in communication, but tonight showed us how much we still have to learn… I had a hard time understanding your perspective, and you had a hard time understanding mine, because I am such a “feeler.”  I am so glad we left tonight on a good note, and I hate when things are rough or strained between us.
You have a way of looking at me with love in your eyes. I hope that never leaves. With one look, I know you think I’m beautiful, that you love to be near me, and that you love me, and that we have a future. It is indescribable.

In other news, around this time last year, we spent time together outside of class for the first time.  We had lunch in the cafeteria together and talked about your time at JUC.  For me, it was half an excuse to talk to you and spent time with you, and half because I was seriously planning on attending. During that conversation, we laughed and joked, but you were really helpful in answering my questions (which I spent hours composing so the meeting looked legit) and we talked about Psalm 23 and what it meant to both of us.  Hard to believe that the saga of Josh and Deborah began about a year ago!

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