What’s The Goal?

I find myself thick in the season where goal setting is quite in vogue. Everyone loves to dream about the things they will accomplish, looking forward to the blank slate of a new year. I no longer feel like I have to wait until January 1 to plan big goals (see my last post!), but I do enjoy looking back on what the past year has taught me. Speaking of which, my goal to read the entire Bible through while I had a break from work was a fantastic failure. I decided to scrap it, because I wasn’t reading the Bible to change, I was trying to finish. I was trying to accomplish a goal, against all odds, so I had something to be proud of. I don’t think I need to say that is a poor motivation, but I’m going to anyway… that is a poor motivation. So instead of pushing onward, I stopped. I re-assessed. I set a new goal.

This coming year, I have decided not to race through the Bible, but to feast and savor. I have decided to select commentaries to accompany my daily reading, so that I am not just reading- but I am gaining knowledge and understanding. My dear In-Laws got me the most beautiful Journaling Bible for Christmas, and I am so excited to put it to good use, and to have space in the margins to write notes about what I learn as I study God’s word with intention.

This past year has been such a beautiful picture of joy and sorrow in my life, which maybe I will share in a later post, but if there is one thing I have learned, it is this: I can do tough things. I can be consistent, I can dig deep, I can learn new things, I can be vulnerable, I can encourage others through my struggle.

That’s where I am! I’m excited to share more and to continue reflecting on the blessings and lessons of this past year.


The Problem of Reading

I have a problem. In fact, my husband and I BOTH have a problem. 

The problem is this: our reading lists have grown so long that I don’t know if we will ever catch up. I have, in fact, proposed early retirement in order to devote more intentional time to reading- since there is no end to our list. The annoying thing about reading is that there’s always a new book, and there’s always a new author, so our lists are constantly growing. [When we got married, my husband actually was actually giddy when he learned about a Crutchfield Family Christmas tradition: books on Christmas Eve. The origin story of that tradition will have to be for another time!] My sweet husband has reminded me that if I wished to retire and devote my days to reading, I should have married someone in the medical, law, or financial vocations. But that’s not what I did. I married a man pursing God’s calling on his life (a 2nd masters and the mission field) and 30k deep in debt. [To be clear– I made the right choice.]

Since it seems to be me vs. the hourglass, I am a chronic over-estimator of how fast I will read. I have an annoying habit of checking out multiple Kindle books from my local library, and then I am forced to keep my Kidle on airplane mode for months as I fail to even begin a new book, because I am crippled by the fear that it won’t be as enjoyable as the last book I read. You don’t have to tell how ridiculous that is, believe me, I know. 

My mother is a oxymoron to me; I am truly befuddled by a simple fact of her personality. She is both a do-er (I don’t know if she has ever sat through a movie without multitasking and working on a project), and reads more books than anyone else I know. I consider myself a do-er… but as soon as I sit down with a book, I am shocked and awed by how filthy my house is. How can I possibly engage in a relaxing activity, such as reading, when there is a tissue on the floor RIGHT NEXT TO THE GARBAGE CAN, but not actually IN the garbage can, because my husband and I have a perpetual game of basketball going on in our living room, but we are both miserable players when said “ball” is actually a loosely crumpled tissue?!?!?!

The thing is this: I have convinced myself that reading is being lazy. (Please, dad, don’t disown me.) I have allowed myself to choose less stimulating entertainment (lookin’ at you, Netflix) and convinced myself that reading can be “too much work” or isn’t “time effecient” because I can’t read AND do something else. I’ve relied on Podcasts and Netflix for too long! [I picture this to be a inspiring speech, but since it’s just all 5′ 1 3/5″ (ever bit counts) of me standing up from my desk in our study….it’s… just… not.] 

In all seriousness, I decided I had a problem with reading when I realized that my habit of not reading was impacting my spiritual life. Here’s an obvious thing: God did not make a podcast. He did not make an original Hulu series (though if you’re looking for one, The Mindy Project is my choice). He gave us His Word, comprised of 66 books. Since I’m pointing out the obvious, I shall continue by saying BEING IN GOD’S WORD REQUIRES READING. As I pondered this (truth ad conviction) and the strong shift in my entertainment, I decided that I needed to make some radical shifts. I think most cleanses are utter poppycock (guys isn’t that what our kidneys and liver are for?), but I do think “boot camps” can be helpful. Thus, my Bible Bootcamp was born. My mission (sorry, Josh finally got me to watch Star Trek and now Jean-Luc Picard narrates my life): to read through the entire Bible in 6-8 weeks. Why 6-8 weeks? Because that’s how long of a break I have from work. I now have the BEST job in the world, and I am a nanny! I watch 2 boys (5 and 2 years old), and a sweet little girl is about to join the family! So while momma is on maternity leave, I some free time- and I want to be intentional with it. 

I’m not following a reading plan, I am making it up as I go along. As I write this, I haven’t actually told anyone about this plan, because I’m afraid I’ll fail. I’ve been spending a lot of time considering what failure would mean in this scenario, and I don’t think failing to finish the reading by the time I go back to work would be “failure.” While I was in college, we had a frequent guest speaker, and every time he spoke, he said “We don’t read the Bible to finish, we read the Bible to change.”

My mom always asks “What’s the goal?” So here it is: the goal is to put myself through a Bible Bootcamp for the purpose of change. I want to change my mentality not only about reading, but about reading God’s Word. I want to be marked as a woman that treasures God’s Word, and frankly my life is not reflecting that I AM that woman right now.

Hopefully I’ll have a follow up post with details about how it went, and ways I’ve changed… even if I don’t “finish.”

Using My Voice (Again)

This has been a year of healing, adventure, and growth! I stopped blogging because I lost my voice, or at least felt I had nothing to say. I’m still not sure I have much to say, but I thought I’d at least try to start using my voice again no matter how hoarse it may be to begin.

This year has been void of blogging, but much has happened. I’m finally beginning to process through all of it, and what I’ve learned.

I quit my full-time job and felt relieved.
Josh and I took on a business venture.
Josh and I bought a second car, debt free.
Josh and I have whittled his student debt down and will soon be debt free.
We experienced healing from past wounds.
We experienced freedom as roles changed.
We traveled to new places and enjoyed adventures.
I have closed my business.
I have planted a flower garden.
I have started fresh.

I don’t know how to summarize all the ways we have grown and changed this year, so I’ll just say I’m thankful. Like never before, I am enjoying my long morning walks and healthy meals, going to work, and dreaming about the future.
I’m not sure where this blog will go, or what its new purpose is… but I’d love for you to walk with me as I rediscover my voice and begin to use it again.

Five Faves- September 2016

I tend to like things in spurts. A while back I became obsessed with Mumford and Sons… their songs are sadly no longer enjoyable because I played them into the ground. I went through a hat phase and was rarely seen without one… now I feel much like Kathleen Kelly, most hats are a mistake. The point is that at any given time, there are some things I am really into and are current favorites. I thought it would be fun to list 5 of my current favorites! Hopefully I don’t wear any of these things out!


  1. Thieves essential oil. I have dipped my toe into the sea of essential oils this summer, and I am glad I did. I ordered a starter kit from Young Living, and have used my oils for cleaning, fighting off colds, healing burns and rashes, and battling anxiety. My current favorite oil is Thieves, because I don’t go a day without using it. I keep getting a sore throat, and after using my Thieves roller, it goes away every time. PLUS it smells super good. 🙂
  2. Brie cheese… best if paired with Salami and Red Grapes. Seriously, this is a delicious combination. My love for Brie cheese began in France, so obviously it makes me feel very cultured, but it also brings back such happy memories. (Please note this hilarious and hidden joke referring to cheese cultures. Thank you.)
  3. LuLaRoe Carly dresses. Yes, I sell them- but I don’t love them because I sell them, I sell them because I love them. 🙂 This dress is seriously so comfortable that I wear it on days I’m not “doing” anything. I have NEVER been one to wear a dress just because… but the Carly is the exception. (If you want to shop, I have a weekly Popup on Thursdays in my Facebook group!) I cannot wait to layer these dresses with leggings, boots, and long cardigans!!!!
  4. Pumpkin French Toast Bake. I made this last weekend for our growth group retreat, and I am a fan. I am someone who struggles to make breakfast happen every morning, so I love making casseroles like this that I can just warm up. Minimal effort, people.
  5. Cam’s album Untamed. This ALMOST turned into a Mumford & Sons situation… but I quickly realized my trajectory (and remembered the graveyard of albums I used to love)… and took a break. So, now I’m back to loving the album. Even if you don’t like country, just listen to Burning House… and if you don’t cry, I’m not sure you’re human.

A Big Summer For the Cornelissens

Friends, the last few months have been packed full of crazy changes. I have been meaning to sit down and get back into blogging, but stuff just kept happening! So here’s a whirl-wind update on our summer. 🙂

May was a BIG month.
My parents celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary and went to Ireland for a few weeks, so we visited my brother Andrew in Columbia and celebrated his 18th birthday at Carowinds. What a blast! A week later, Josh graduated with his M-Div from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, and started a full-time job at CarMax! He is working as a sales consultant, and frankly crushing it.
Aaron moved out! He is adulting like a boss, working 2-3 jobs, paying his bills, making meals, and we are so excited with him and proud of him.
We bought a car for Josh, because Aaron is using the Explorer. 🙂 We got a Nissan Versa from a motivated seller on Craig’s List, in our price range, and with crazy low miles.
I researched and prayed and decided to sign up with LuLaRoe. At the time, I thought it would be good to have something to keep me busy in the evenings and the weekends, because Josh’s work schedule requires a lot of evening and weekend hours at work. I was working full-time in May, but Josh knew I couldn’t shake the idea of starting my own LuLaRoe business. So the day he graduated, I submitted my on boarding paperwork.
ALSO in May we bought our first brand-spanking-new major appliance, a dryer. This may not sound exciting, but I could not have been MORE excited. Long story short, we have paid ridiculous power bills this year because a bird made a nest in our exterior dryer vent, and our dryer was running for hours without drying the clothes. Once we fixed the bird issue, we realized the dryer was just dead and we could keep paying ridiculous bills or bite the bullet and buy a new dryer. Obviously we bought a new one, and we haven’t doubted the decision once! (Also our power bill is HUNDREDS of dollars lower each month. Isn’t that insane?!)
I think was in June… but it might have been May… we took a short trip to Charlotte and hit Ikea for some LuLaRoe supplies and ended up meeting my parents for dinner! It was a great time away, even though it was short.


June was frankly a month of struggle. Josh and I were both working full-time, and I cried a lot. Our schedules completely collided and my love cup was completely dry. I was gone from 7-5:30 everyday, and Josh was working mostly from 12-9 every night. By the time he got home it was 9:30 or 10, and I had fallen asleep because I had to get up early the next day for work. We agonized over what to do, and finally decided that the best decision was for me to quit my full-time job.
Growing up, my mom would always ask “What’s the goal?” Josh and I had a lot of conversations, serious conversations, over g-chat while we were both at work, because there wasn’t time to actually sit down and have a conversation. I felt so strongly that the goal of this season- just being married without anyone living in our house and before we have kids- is to focus on our marriage and make sure we are the strongest we can be. Secondary goals are to pay off Josh’s student loans and to gain direction for future ministry… but if our marriage isn’t strong, we won’t be able to accomplish much. Ultimately, we decided that both of us working full time may accomplish paying off the loans at a faster rate, but we might accomplish it at the cost of quality time and the ability to strengthen our marriage.20160725_085847

July was a month of endings and beginnings. Josh finished training at CarMax, I concluded my employment at my office job, and I got the call from LuLaRoe to order my initial inventory! We got to spend a long weekend with the Gilmores, and the dream of me spending more time at home because a reality. august

August was a month of excitement. The first week I was home, not working full-time anymore, Andrew came to spend the week with us. We did a lot of fun stuff, but we spent the most time playing Pokemon Go. 🙂 In the middle of his visit, my initial inventory arrived! At the very end of his visit, he bought his first car. Josh was able to find the perfect vehicle, in Andrew’s budget. Isn’t that insane? When did he get old enough to buy a car?!?!?!
A week and a half later, I had my official business launch. It was what I hoped! I had several friends come to my in-home launch and fall in love with the clothes the same way I did. It was such a joy to see the giant smiles on their faces, and you could tell how amazing they felt about themselves.


Right now, I am loving the flexibility of my schedule. I’m establishing new routines and habits to take better care of myself and our home and enjoying the experience of owning my own business. Most of all, I’m thankful for Josh! He has been so supportive of my desire to spend more time at home, to pursue the dream of owning this business, and encouraged me to push outside of my comfort zone. I’m not sure what the next few months hold, but I am sure that we made a great decision putting our marriage first.

I have weekly LuLaRoe sales in my Facebook group (facebook.com/groups/lularoedeborahc) and THIS weekend I have an exciting multi-consultant sale! I’d love to see you there. It’s a great opportunity to try all the clothes on and get your sizes, as well as to see other styles I don’t carry yet. 🙂 Here are the details!


Managing Expectations

Last night I looked down at the beverage I was holding and just kind of chuckled. Seminary life is a strange, strange time… full of things I never expected and the gender stereotypes have been reversed. For instance, I’m the one that comes home from a long day and wants a beer. I have rarely do dishes, grocery shopping, or clean the bathroom. In fact Josh does a lot of chores for me while I’m at work so that when we’re both home we can spend time together.


It all feels backwards and it’s been hard for me to let go of all the things I’m supposed to do. I used to think that when I got married maybe I’d have a part time job, but that my main job would be taking care of our house… the floors would never be in dire need of mopping, the dust would not be out of control, the sink would be perpetually emptied of dirty dishes, and the counters ever clean and wiped down. Isn’t that a nice dream?
The reality is that I rise before the sun and I spend 10 1/2 hours out of the house each day… and in that time, there are other humans, with other standards of cleanliness, in my house. Yet, I still inwardly hold myself to that standard of cleanliness and when it’s not met, I feel like I’m not doing enough. WHY IS THAT? Am I comparing myself to other wives I know? Is it a fair comparison? (The answer is no, because it’s not fair to compare.)

I spoke some truth to a friend yesterday, and the truth is that I desperately needed to hear it for myself. The person you’re comparing yourself to isn’t perfect. In fact, they have sins that Jesus needed to die for… just like me.
Ironically, I’m finally learning to recognize the lists I make of things I should be doing just as we’re about to make more transitions out of seminary life, and into both of us working full time. I’m sure the amount of grace we’re giving each other will only need to be increased as Josh won’t have free days to get chores done. Just as I’m becoming aware of the unrealistic lists I’m making for myself, I need to be mindful of the list of “shoulds” I’m making for my husband. I can either be thankful for the things he is able to accomplish, or resent him for the things he can’t. I think the right choice is obvious, but often difficult to make. I pray I’m actively aware of this, and avoid hurting the one I love.

Last night, after a long day of work, a long walk by myself, and time spent in serving others, I didn’t list the things “I should be doing”… I rested and enjoyed that beer (and Grey’s Anatomy). Maybe the counters needed to be wiped, maybe I should have vacuumed our room- instead, I was grateful for the life we have, a husband that serves, and the freedom to say “this is all I can do today.”


Love One Another

Obviously this space of mine on the internet has been neglected lately. Life is so full. I am finding myself tired, in a good way. My moments of rest are sweet, my time is being spent well, and I don’t regret being too busy to sit down and record it.

Something I have struggled with over the years, but especially the last 2 years, is a balance between social time and solitude. I lean much further towards the introverted side of the scale, and it’s been hard for me to figure out how to be in community without being burnt out. Y’all, this year I have discovered it’s simple. Invite people to do things you’re already planning on doing. We have found that we’re able to deeply engage in community by hitting the gym with friends, having girls over to watch The Bachelor, and just having friends over for a lazy Sunday afternoon. Community is simply doing life together… that means having people over even if the floors aren’t swept or the dishes are dirty. It’s been hard to let people see a messy house, but much harder to let them see a messy heart. How are you doing with letting people see the real life version of you? I have found two things: 1) It gets easier with practice, and 2) honesty and transparency encourage honesty and transparency. I am not saying live like a slob on purpose. I am saying that community can be messy… so worry less about the mess and be real.

At church, we’re doing a study called “Life Together.” We’re studying Biblical Community, and it’s been so convicting. Do you realize that our example of sacrificial love is JESUS? The one who gave His LIFE for us!? It certainly wasn’t convenient for Jesus to take the form of human, and die as a sacrifice for all of our sins. Yet, He is our example… and how many times do I back out of something because it isn’t “convenient?” That was so convicting to me. I tend to think that if I have time, I’ll love and serve my community. It isn’t always convenient, and it isn’t always what I want to do… but we’re called to love sacrificially.

A few months ago we were studying in Acts, and I was struck by the verse “there was not a needy person among them.” I want our community to be a place where we meet each other’s needs, and part of that has been meeting people’s social needs. We have a friend in our Growth Group that works from home, and lives alone. Guess what? He needs friends! He has social needs! I have a tendency to be selfish with my time at home, and was extremely convicted about closing my home when I know people are in need. He is a pretty permanent presence in our house on Sundays, and surprise- I don’t hate it. Additional surprise- I don’t have to entertain him. He just wants to be around us, and it’s turned out to be a huge blessing for all of us.

Click HERE to find our church sermons online!


Since January? Well, we paid our taxes. Our return has gone into “intentional savings” which is basically money we’re setting aside for a car or to put towards student loans. Anyway, we got taxes out of the way as soon as we were able. It was SO freeing!


We’ve traveled a lot… and I am enjoying being one of 3 drivers with a license which means I get to hang out in the backseat and watch movies on said roadtrips.


We’re in a season of routines. Every night of the week is packed full of exercise, cooking, chores, and social time. Every day my checklist resets (vitamins, morning devotions, walk, weights, drink over 64 oz of water, remember to brush your teeth, put away your clothes), I go to the same job and do the same things. I come home and try not to beat myself up for not getting everything done. I remind myself this is a season… a strange season that will not last forever. My brother in law will not always be here, Josh will not always have papers to write, and I will not always be the primary breadwinner. I pray every day that the Lord would show me His grace in the midst of the routine. That I would be shown a new truth in my devotional time, that I would not dread my commute, that I would be content in Him instead of discontent in my circumstances.

I made a lot of cooking goals this year, and we’re off to a splendid start! I have wanted to add more variety in our diet… we eat a lot of chicken. Honestly, I love chicken… but we need diversity. We’ve been eating more fish, I made a pot roast, and I made pulled pork! Next on the list is lasagna, salmon, and a deep dish pizza. I’ve also been baking a lot of bread! I love my bread machine, but don’t LOVE the block of bread shape. I started letting the bread machine do the hard work and then baking it in the oven. I love it.


Josh only has about two more months of school, so we’re almost at the point of him looking for a job. We’re also dreaming about taking a vacation this fall to celebrate the end of seminary and to have some fun. To say it’s been a hard year is an understatement… and it’s fun to dream.


Dear Josh,
I’m so thankful that we’re able to engage in ministry together. Thanks for leading our growth group and taking “life together” so seriously. Thanks for challenging me to love sacrificially, but also take care of myself.
I’m excited about all the new meals we’re trying! I really appreciate the fact that you do the grocery shopping for me every week. It is so nice to make a list of what I need, and for it to “magically” appear in my kitchen when I get home. You’re the best. I know that this season of Seminary has been really stretching for you, but you have not failed to find ways to love and serve me. So thanks for bringing me coffee every morning while I do my devotions, for packing my lunch, and for doing the grocery shopping. I don’t thank you every day, but I’m thankful for you every day.



What I’m Reading in 2016: When God Doesn’t Fix It

As I have shared in a previous post, my goals this year are mostly focused on taking care of myself so that I can take care of others. The most radical change has been creating a purposeful time of prayer and reading each morning. (It doesn’t necessarily happen first thing in the morning on the weekends, but otherwise I am diligently doing it first thing before work.)
My morning devotional routine involves 3 things:

  1. Prayer
  2. Scripture Reading
  3. Devotional Reading

I record who/what I’m praying for, read a chapter of scripture (going through Genesis right now), and read a chapter of a book I have selected for enrichment purposes. Real talk: if I try to start with reading the Bible, I won’t absorb nearly as much as if I make reading the Bible my second reading… which usually happens halfway through my coffee. This has been working for me!


This month, I am reading When God Doesn’t Fix It by Laura Story. I don’t even know how to express how much I have loved this book. Laura and I graduated from the same college, and I applaud her handling of scripture. She unpacks hard Biblical truths with integrity and clarity. She speaks from experience, and doesn’t always put herself in a good light. This book is incredibly encouraging, because she reminds the reader about things that are fundamentally true of our God. He is good, he has a plan, and all things are meant to be for His glory.
Maybe you’re not going through a trial right now, so you feel like the content doesn’t apply to you. Here’s what I know: you have either gone through a trial, or you will in the future. Since trials are inevitable, I think it is important to have resources at your disposal to encourage you and remind you of the truths that are hard to speak to yourself. I strongly recommend this book; it’s packed full of good theology, feelings and thoughts I have related to, and pierces through the lies we believe about (and in the midst of) trials. Laura’s vulnerability is beautiful, as she shares the way God molded her heart and mind and used a tragic situation to grow her. I haven’t quite finished the book, but I have read the majority- enough to say GO BUY IT.


Holiday Recap

December feels like a distant dream. We had my company Christmas party (yay for free margaritas and steak), and the next day Josh and I headed to Myrtle Beach for our annual anniversary trip. We scored a super sweet ocean-front hotel Groupon that meant we could afford to stay there for 4 nights! Unfortunately, we quickly discovered why the hotel was so cheap… and had to change rooms because I found long, black hairs everywhere. In the shower, all over the bathroom, in the bed, on the pillows… it was like no one cleaned the room, and I got grossed out. We switched rooms, ended up with a better layout and a better room, and we were happier. 🙂 The first night, we decided to run to Publix to get some groceries… and a fun anniversary treat. We got our wedding cake from Publix (highly recommend), a grocery store we don’t have in NC (at least anywhere close to us), so we got a little cake for our anniversary treat. It’s been a few weeks, so honestly the trip is a blur of eating out, and enjoying the hotel’s cable (HGTV)!!! We had all sorts of food- wings, breakfast, Mexican, pizza… watched two movies- Hunger Games (SO GOOD) and Ricki and the Flash, played board games, went to the aquarium, walked on the beach, read, and slept in. It was so refreshing to have a break from cooking, cleaning, working, commuting… and so nice to be on a vacation alone.

Next, we headed to Columbia for Christmas! It was hot and muggy our entire stay in South Carolina. “Welcome Home,” right? My mom blew us away with her cooking, and Josh got to experience all our “weird” traditions including glow sticks and books on Christmas Eve. We decorated gingerbread cookies, exchanged presents, ate a ton, and watched the neighbors’ house burn. In the middle of Christmas dinner, fire trucks rolled down the street and stormed the house two doors down. It was incredibly sobering, and I gained renewed respect for fire-fighters. The owners of the house were out of town, and the fire was started by a heat lamp for one of the reptiles. The owners are avid animal lovers, and we saw two dogs and a cat be carried out of the house, then watched the workers attempt to revive them… and cover them with a white sheet. It was so hard to walk back inside, knowing this family’s Christmas was ruined and forever marked as a sad occasion.
In contrast, our Christmas was a joyous occasion. We went on tons of walks, ate tons of food, laughed until we hurt, and I am so thankful my entire family was able to be together. Every time we’re with with my parents, I am so encouraged by the ways they invest in and love people. I’m so thankful for the hours they spent with us talking, processing, and advising. The most hilarious moment was when Josh opened a pair of shoes… and we realized that instead of putting an adult-size 12 on his list, he put a child-size 12. 😀 Since Josh is a detail-guy, my mom figured he had the right link on his wish-list and didn’t even double check what she was ordering… we all laughed until we cried!


New Years was spent with our BFFS the Gilmores. We celebrated Joseph’s birthday with an amazing meal at Outback, introduced him to fire works (his birthday is New Years Eve!), turned his high chair (and his body) blue with acrylic paint- he really liked painting- just not the aftermath (also now mommy and Aunt Deborah know that acrylic paint stains BADLY), decorated for and had a Winter Onederland (get it?) birthday party, stayed up late playing board games and laughing hysterically, doing ridiculous things to get a laugh out of Joseph, and wishing we could stay longer.


My birthday was simple: we got Taza Grill and Cheesecake for date night, then on my actual birthday we made cheese fondue (wasn’t awesome) and Josh surprised me with a beautiful book of letters from my friends and family. I cried and cried and it was basically the best birthday gift ever. YAY for 25 years! The guys decorated our house to replicate an episode of The Office where Dwight decorates with balloons and streamers that match The Office. Spoiler: it looks like crap. I walked into the house after a long day to the hilarious decorations and it made my day!


We’re on week 3 of my goals, and I have to say I am getting pretty consistent. The best thing I did was download a checklist app… I kept forgetting (thanks, 6:15 am) if I had taken my vitamin, and always felt like I was forgetting something. If you’re a list maker like me, and trying to form a habit… get a checklist app. It is a game-changer.

One of my goals for this year is to add recipes to my arsenal. I tried my hand at pot roast, without a kit, and it was AMAZING. Huge huge hit with the boys. I threw a bunch of potatoes and carrots in the bottom of the crock pot with some water, with the roast, packs of brown gravy, Italian Dressing Mix and Ranch Mix on top and let it cook for hours. I made a delish ravioli dish, and made the easiest, most addictive ham and cheese sliders of my life. This weekend I am going to try a baked potato soup, since it is supposed to be insanely cold and they are calling for snow. When it snows, I need soup. It just makes sense.

Dear Josh,

I am so thankful for all the happy memories we made over the holiday weeks, but I am also thankful we are able to enjoy some time at home now. Thanks for always being enthusiastic about new meals, getting up early so I can do my quiet time, and bringing me coffee while I do my devotions. You’re the best.